Embrace the GRIND!


Progress Update Week 12

Ok, so I’m 12 weeks into my Pre-Contest Prep! ┬áThe slow train keeps chugging along. I knew going in, that this was going to be a long haul, and that is proving to be true. As a guy who is not naturally lean, I know I need to take it slow and steady. I actually pushed my timeline for my first show back, from May to the end of June, because it looks like I’ll need the time. Things are progressing well and I have been slowly increasing my calories as I go along, while continuing to get leaner. Here’s the updated sets of progress pictures from week 8 on the left to week 12 on the right.

front relax 8-12side relax 8-12rear relax 8-12side relax r 8-12front lat 8-12side chest 8-12 Lrear lat 8-12rear dbl 8-12mm hands 8-12side abs 8-12