First Show Down!

Ok, I’m officially back in the game! I had the pleasure of competing in the WPF Mr. Philadelphia contest this weekend and it was a great experience!

My good friend and old training partner Dante and I, pictured below, held out the information from our mentor that we were doing his show. We both haven’t seen him in a long time, and well let’s just say we got him good. Got a few tears off that tough skinned guy last night!

IMG_1777 (1)

The day went great, and was just generally a good time! It felt great to break the ice and finally get back up there on stage. Here’s a few pictures from backstage:

As the night went on, I had a feeling that I had a decent shot at this one, so I kept my head in the game. I was lucky enough to be on stage for the overall pose down and I’m sure only narrowly edged out my competition to take my first overall bodybuilding title ever! A pretty good start to the season for sure! Now it’s time to grind it out until my big shows at the end of June/early July!




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