Strategic Refeed Days

Strategic refeeds are one of the most important variables when using a nutrition plan to lose bodyfat. The main effect of the refeed is to keep leptin levels high. Leptin, in short, tells the body it is ok to burn bodyfat. When in a calorie deficit, the body will naturally slow down leptin production, therefore slowing bodyfat loss.


These refeed should not be confused with a “cheat” day. Refeeds are just as measured as any other day in ones’ nutrition plan, but much higher in carbohydrate, slightly lower in fat and protein. A good place to start is to add in about 50-75% more carbs on the refeed day, but there’s definitely some moving parts to the equation.


One awesome side benefit is that you will feel great on the refeed day and at least one more day after (maybe more!). Carbohydrate ,among other things, release dopamine (a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers) and replenishes your muscle glycogen stores (making your muscles fuller/harder and allowing for better athletic performance)


Below is a picture from this morning  (yes it’s a bathroom selfie! I’m trying to keep up with the cool kids on the gram!) after a refeed day yesterday of 500g/carbs. A normal day for me right now is 205g/carbs. To say my muscles feel full today is an understatement!



The 2016 CrossFit Games Open and why I’m not doing it.

This week marks the beginning of the CrossFit Games Open. I have competed in every one since it began but this will be the first year I do not officially compete, although I am excited to be crush it with my team The flying Jeffers, in our Intramural version of the CrossFit Open at CrossFit Renaissance #flyingjeffers!


I’ll miss the leaderboarding and the excitement of being involved with the Games this year. The CrossFit Games Open has been the most most fun/nerve racking time of the year (in a good way!) for a long time.


But, that’s the great thing about CrossFit! I’m simply shifting my focus for a few months to a new sport, competitive bodybuilding, and honestly I expect to do really well! CrossFit keeps me in range to do whatever I choose to do athletically at any given time. I’ve experienced this multiple times over the last 9 years or so, whether it was doing the random powerlifting or strongman meet with little specific training or running the longest distance I ever had in my life with no problem at all, CrossFit is always the engine there driving me!


Ok so now for a little fun:


My bodybuilding preparation could not be going any better right now!


This week I had one of the best chest workouts of my life! I am in the zone with this journey back to the stage and training hasn’t been this exciting for a long time. I take progress pictures each week to track body composition. For these I keep everything as objective as possible (same day, time, place, lighting etc..)


Well on Wednesday (officially not #flexfriday by the way!) I had to have some fun and take a post workout picture:


Below are 2 pictures, the one on the left is from Monday morning, when I take progress pictures and the right after my insanely fun and intense chest workout on Wednesday:



Progress Pics

Progress is coming along. I have a LOT of time ahead of me with this prep, but I knew that going in. I have at least 4 months before even considering a local show, and most likely am looking at 6 more months of this prep to get where I want to be. Things are going well. Sometimes it’s hard to take it slow, but that is the best way to go when it comes to losing body fat, while preserving lean body mass.

So here’s the progress:

front 4left side 4rear 4right 44 rear lat4 rear dbl4 front ab4 front latside l chest 44 mm